If I want to get super wooo wooo at the risk of sounding like a whack job, I truly believe I was placed here and blessed from an early age know my purpose–to help translate research into results by helping guide people based on their own feedback. I’ve done some of it for so long now that at times I am losing the ability to explain why—some times I just watch somebody move and a thought pops into my head, and I test it. Of course I work at getting better, but I believe I am a tool that God uses to help make the world a better place. He is working through me. I believe everyone has a very specific reason they were placed here and special skills to help others. There is nothing overly special about me other than my skill set is different from their skill set. I feel so blessed that most of it is not work, but fun. Going to AHS this Thurs-Sun is going to be a blast and for most to go to lectures and learn more is work; but not for me!
Hell, I willingly and gladly pay to do it. I know just 1-2 things that I pick up may be the kingpin to help someone.