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Month: September 2013

Carbohydrates as a hormetic stressor. Evolutionary advantage or horrible idea? AHs 20013 talk by Mike T Nelson

Here are my slides below from talk at AHS this year. I had a blast doing this as I got to talk about the role of carbs for exercise and in evolution related to metabolic flexibility.

Once the full video is up, I will let you all know.

Thanks and I look forward to your feedback
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Crossfit Athlete Neal Maddox Knows The Secret

Word is getting around about the secret to performing high intensity training sessions and to compete at the games.

Check out this video below where Neal Maddox gives you a hint

Did you catch it?

Yep, pre workout carbs! What a novel idea! Give your body the fuel it needs.

If you have ever tried a very low carb of ketogenic diet while training hard in the gym, you will know what I am talking about.

I hear the pubmed ninjas now who cry “But what about gluconeogenisis Mr Science Pants?”

You are correct that the body can convert protein to carbs (some new evidence says it can do it directly with fat also), but the process is SLOOOOOOW as a turtle on toprol. It just can’t keep up to fuel the body DURING exercise.

Moral of the story? For high performance, get in those carbs to properly fuel your training.

For more info, check this out Met Flex Ebook For High Intensity Athletes
Rock on
Mike T Nelson

60 Seconds of Science Made Simple (Video)

I love this one!  Well worth 60 seconds of your time!


Note–a key that is often missed here is that experiments is plural.

Science!  It works bitches

Science! It works bitches

Mike T Nelson

Dr. Layne Norton Discusses Protein Use for Muscle Gains

A great talk to by Dr. Layne Norton here on how protein helps build muscle.

A big thanks to the wonderful people at BiPro that sponsored it.

If you watch closely you can see some nerd named Mike T Nelson ask questions!

Rock on

Mike T Nelson


Metabolic Flexibility, Endurance Performance and High Fat Diets

Great article here

Hat tip to my man Curb for point this one out to me .

Notice the graphs in the article with the athletes.

I predicted this response when I was talking to Bob Seebohar about 3 years ago now—that you can be so reliant on glucose that you will NOT see a crossover point. This is shown by athlete 1 (although I am not sure how they ran the test), but notice that it came back!

If you don’t have a crossover point, you are not metabolically flexible, period. That is NOT healthy, normal, or good for performance. How this is “lost” on almost all the endurance world is beyond me. Brooks and Mercer showed the crossover theory officially in 1992, but it has been shown well before that.

People then go too far into keto diets and crash and burn when they need power during a race. Fat adaptation is great, but don’t go so far that you lose the ability to use carbs.

These stupid arguments about which is better, fats or carbs are just plain dumb. You do NOT have to pick only one! Use BOTH! Get the best of both worlds ala Metabolic Flexibility

If you bought a Prius would you want to drive around in gas mode all day if you are trying to get a better mpg? Hell no. The gas supplements the performance of the electric, hence that is why it is a hybrid. Ditto for metabolism—use both fuels, but pick the right fuel for the right task.

Expecting to get a high power output by using only fat will NOT work. Bioenergetics 101. Expecting to ride forever at a moderate power output by only using carbs is riding the razor’s edge since you need to match carb use with carb intake. Use fat for that activity –your body has enough of it!

Ending my tyrant and back to finishing editing my third study…

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