Jefferson Deadlift w Eagle Loops at 675 x 1

I went through something lately and realized that lifting is NOT a part of me.

In the past, I always thought it was a huge part of me as a person. Then I had some movement issues and the question became “are you going to keep lifting in pain just to keep what you think is your identity?”

My personal answer was …nope.

Not that I permanently stopped lifting at all. I just changed course.

I realized it was a huge part of what I chose to DO, but it was not me.

My identity was not “I am a lifter.”

It became “I am someone who loves to lift, along with a bunch of other stuff too.”

This allows me to modify lifting and do what is right for the long term health of my body, to paradoxically KEEP doing it the rest of my life.    Short term mindset shift for long term results.