I know I have been mad at my body in the past.

I do believe that all of our bodies are doing the best they can too, given the circumstances that they have been dealt.

Some will have an easier time than others. Life is not fair.

However, it does not matter how easy or hard it was for X person since that does not change you (or me).

Comparisons are always tricky. Look for someone doing better and you will find them, but they will not change you directly. You can view it as something that is possible or be mad that they have it easy and you don’t. Either way you are still where you are.

In hindsight I know I spent a few too many years being bitter that I had so many issues to work through from eye issues (technically stereo-blind aka I don’t see in 3D), massive midline scar, old injuries like a separated shoulder, dislocated shoulder, busted up ankle, sprained, strains, to goofy things like stupid long femurs, small bone structure, etc.

What I came to realize is that all of that made me who I am.

Had I not had open heart surgery at age 4, I would not be here. Heck, I would have been dead 22 years ago. I am thankful for that scar. It literally saved my life. It is part of who I am and I know had a massive effect pushing toward the med tech industry for 14 years and physiology for 20 years.

If I had normal vision, I would not have learned what I know now by seeking out more and more info and testing it.

I would not have had a drive to figure it out.

Same thing for old injuries. I hope I don’t have another one but given that I love to kiteboard, snowboard, mountain bike, etc the probably is greater than the average bear. And I will heal from it and learn then too.

New Body Under Construction Next28

New Body Under Construction Next28

It was interesting that once I made peace with my body and what it had been through, I made faster progress.

I am no longer mad at it. I can now say I honestly feel blessed and thankful.

Do I have days where I wish progress was faster? Yep. The flipside is would I ever think progress is fast enough? Nope. Might as well enjoy the journey then and keep chipping away at better.