Yep, after 14 months of physical therapy I have graduated and thus was “kicked out” this past week.

I was doing PRI since Sept of last year for some knee and shoulder issues, along with coordination of my eyes back into the picture.
(PRI site

This past week I pasted the Hruska Adduction Lift test with a 5 on BOTH sides.

Whoo ha! PRI nuts like Dr Pat Davidson, Bill Hartman,  Mike Robertson,  Eric Cressey,  Dr Zac Cupples,  Lance Jacob Goyke, Dr Tim Sturmer,  and others will understand this.

This was after not wearing my prism glasses much and not during the test, plus it was post a week of travel in MT.


I opted to go down the PRI rabbit hole last year and figured it would be worth doing it myself. I worked with Carrie Langer at Kinetic Physical Therapy in Woodbury MN. She is awesome.

My hips have never felt better, breathing is easier, and my vision is getting closer to 3D. The mechanical changes are sticking quite well too.

Back to squatting now, did a straight bar bench press last night that went well (first time in about 3 years other than a few seminars) and started stone lifting again too.

For those wondering what the test is, see the video below.

And yes, many many things work and I still have some things to do before I will be able to see in 3D again. And that is ok. It a journey of n=1 self investigation.

If you are stuck, seek others who can help you. Do what they say but ask questions to understand. Incorporate what works and test it out.

Onward and upward.