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Status update for Dec 2015 for Mike T Nelson

PRI Physical Therapy sessions are done!

I got booted out. I did my last session and went in after NOT doing my exercise the night before or in the AM on purpose – I wanted to see how much it would hold.

Passed all the tests! Whoo ha!

Now that my movement is more stable, and it feels sooooo much better, I can focus (hehe) on more VT (vision therapy).

Started doing SQAUTS and DEADLIFTS 2 days ago again – yeah!

I’ve only pulled (DL-ed) maybe once every other week at the very most for the past 14 months. And I have not done any symmetric weight squats other than a couple in the 14 month period. 2 days ago i used the SSB to run a soft test and I am about 40 lbs off my max – not too bad without any direct work. The cool part is that it FELT soooooo much better. I did not feel like crap – I just felt weak. Deloaded the entire bar and just did it without any weight for easy sets of 5. Working on my new form and must check my ego – no need to rush and build up bad habits. Plus I don’t need much load now to see a positive adaptation.

Deadlifts did only 275 x 4 for 3 sets – again, check my ego. Felt great but heavy I will take it as strength will come back with practice. First goal is to get back to over 400 on a day by day basis when I feel good with deadlifts and work my squat back up to my old PR.

Yesterday was shoulder and arms hypertrophy day with broom ball at night.

The broom ball game was awesome! I could actually SEE. I know that sounds weird, but I could see the ball in movement, my hands and broom were where I thought they would be, eye movements off the ball and back on the ball (saccades) were much much better. It felt easier. I still need work on shots on goal as most were off, but I got there late and did not do any warm ups plus it was a different rink. That will come back in time. The best part is that I felt soooooo great once I was done. Need to work on more hand / eye / random interactions more.

Goal for 2017 is to see in 3D.

Secondary goals for 2016 are to get my deadlift, squat, press (axle) and stone over bar back to pervious levels.

Rough markers are
1) SSB 275 x 1
2) Deadlift (conventional or sumo) 450 x 1
3) 250 lb stone over 50 inch bar
4) Axle clean and press 175 x 1

Working on
-better breathing during the day to reduce stress, HRV tanks with more computer / work stuff
-more consistent nutrition via better planing.
-bumping up my aerobic fitness now that my body is stable to see if that helps HRV / training freq
-should allow me to do 2 strength sessions a week
-functional neurology check up to see why my right eye won’t stay ‘on”
-start VT


Stop Setting Goals!

Goal setting as it is commonly taught is waaaaay overrated.

Stop Setting Goals!

Stop Setting Goals!

I believe it is actually holding your back from reaching your fatloss goals!

If it worked so well, everyone who set a New Years Resolution would have achieved it.

Yet, that does not happen.

I’ve been there. I’ve set those goals on New Years Day.

And then set the same one the following year.

….and the following year.

Oh crap.

Client Example And Goal Setting

A client came to me 4 years ago with the goal to lose 10 lbs in 3 months.

She had the target day down to the exact time.

She was counting the days down…..90….89,….88…33…..2….1…target date!

She made AMAZING progress and lost 9 lbs of her goal of 10 lbs.

I called her up to give her some mad congrats only to find….

……she was very sad and upset.


I was perplexed. She made it over 90% of the way to her goal, yet she was VERY unhappy.


In her mind she failed.

She missed the mark.

Her brain was only focused on the 1 lb that she did not achieve and not the 9 lbs that she did.

She felt utterly defeated.

I Was Wrong

In hindsight I realized that it was MY mistake.

I was helping her and put too much focus on that SINGULAR goal on THAT date.

When she fell just a bit short, she really thought she was a failure.


She was far from a failure even though she felt that way.

What To Do – Intentions vs Goals

Focus on your intention instead.

An intention provides a direction, but does not have an absolute hard date.

Then focus on the behaviors that drive you your intention.

This way you cannot fail.

You may have to change directions a bit here and there, but failure would only happen if you quit.

4 Step Process to Success

1) Ditch your goals.

2) Focus on your intention instead.

3) Track your behaviors.

4) Enjoy the journey.

Dedicated to better,

Dr. Mike

PS – this is just one of the radical topics on mindset that myself and Brian Grasso cover at the Mindset Performance Institute. We just opened up our level 1 cert, so check it out at  —>>  MPI Level 1 Cert  <<—

Join me at PaleoFX in Austin TX 2015

Join me at PaleoFX in Austin TX 2015

Join me at PaleoFX in Austin TX 2015


I am stoked that I will be presenting at PaleoFX again this coming April 2015

Dear Dr. Nelson,

Congratulations! We have accepted the following submission(s) from you for Paleo f(x)™, to be held in Austin, Texas April 24th – 26th, 2015:

Individual Presentation,

“But Technology Is Not Paleo: Useful or Useless Tech for Monitoring Performance”

40 minutes and 15 min Q&A

Get your tickets at http://www.miketnelson.com/paleofx

Hope to see you there!

Dr. Mike T

Failure Is The Goal


failure is the goal

failure is the goal

I think the term failure has gotten a bad rap.

I did a top secret presentation for a certain military agency in the past. I won’t use their name or what I was speaking on (if you know my research you can get a pretty idea of the topic), but I can say that they are responsible for stuff like the freaking internet, GPS, etc. Pretty major stuff.

One thing that I was surprised at was how subcontractors could get fired.

It had nothing to do with budget, money or performance per say.

In fact, the fastest way to lose the contract according to the guy I talked to there was to NOT fail enough.

Yep, if you were not failing, in their eyes you were not trying. And therefore were farther from a solution.

You were rewarded by failing.

Hard to argue with their results historically speaking.

They did not view failure as bad, it was in fact REQUIRED.

Emotional Attachment

We are the ones that “attach” whatever emotions to “failure” (or any word for that matter).

Many times this is done subconsciously.

This was a hard lesson for me to learn too.

One of the phrases I told myself when doing my PhD as I had to rework papers many many times. I even got farmed out to a different department to work on a project there, only to find out 1.5 years into it that what we found could not be published (no result was seen).

The phrase was

“there is no failure, only feedback”

To be honest, most times I FELT horrible at the feedback.

It was a process to understand that failure would make me stronger and I was the one attaching the emotions to it.

While this is still a work in progress, I am better.

The goal is to fail forward as fast as possible.

Dr Mike

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Recovery – Heart Rate Variability vs Check My Levels For Fatigue

Today my HRV was red and dropped about 7 points, yet my reading from Check My Level was green.  Hmmmmm.

Maybe my ANS is poor, but my peripheral system is ok?

Time will tell

-Dr. Mike

Check my levels

Check my levels


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