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Winter Strongman Assault 2014


Axle/Log Clean and Press Medley
Tire Flip Medley
Axle Dead Lift for Reps
Frame Carry
Odd Object Carry and Load

at Allegiance Fitness

Event Details
Axle/Log Clean & Press Medley: Athlete will start by cleaning and pressing the axle. Upon successful down command, athlete will clean and press the log. After successful down command, athlete will go back to axle and continue rotating until time is called. 60 second time limit, for max reps. Weights: Women (70/80), Novice (160/180).

Tire Flip Medley: Athlete will flip tires lightest to heaviest. 5 flips for lightest, 4 for middle, and 3 for heaviest tire. Time limit 60 seconds. If athlete does not complete all flips, number of flips will be counted. Weights: Women (200/300/400), Novice (400/500/600).

Axle Dead Lift For Reps: Athlete will dead lift an axle for max reps in 60 seconds. Pick height for axle most likely around 18”. No suits, no straps, chalk only. Weights: Women (200), Novice (350).

Frame Carry: Athlete will carry a frame 50’, set down, turn around inside frame, re pick and carry back 50’. 60 second time limit. If athlete cannot complete course, a distance will be taken. Weights: Women (300), Novice (400).

Odd Object Carry and Load: Athlete will carry and load 3 objects to a 48” platform. Objects will be staggered lightest to heaviest at distances of 20’, 15’, and 10’. Objects will most likely be natural stone, keg, and/or sandbag. 75 second time limit. If athlete cannot load all objects, number of objects will be counted. Weights: Women (80/100/120), Novice (150/175/200).

Carbohydrates as a hormetic stressor. Evolutionary advantage or horrible idea? AHs 20013 talk by Mike T Nelson

Here are my slides below from talk at AHS this year. I had a blast doing this as I got to talk about the role of carbs for exercise and in evolution related to metabolic flexibility.

Once the full video is up, I will let you all know.

Thanks and I look forward to your feedback
Mike N

Crossfit Athlete Neal Maddox Knows The Secret

Word is getting around about the secret to performing high intensity training sessions and to compete at the games.

Check out this video below where Neal Maddox gives you a hint

Did you catch it?

Yep, pre workout carbs! What a novel idea! Give your body the fuel it needs.

If you have ever tried a very low carb of ketogenic diet while training hard in the gym, you will know what I am talking about.

I hear the pubmed ninjas now who cry “But what about gluconeogenisis Mr Science Pants?”

You are correct that the body can convert protein to carbs (some new evidence says it can do it directly with fat also), but the process is SLOOOOOOW as a turtle on toprol. It just can’t keep up to fuel the body DURING exercise.

Moral of the story? For high performance, get in those carbs to properly fuel your training.

For more info, check this out Met Flex Ebook For High Intensity Athletes
Rock on
Mike T Nelson

60 Seconds of Science Made Simple (Video)

I love this one!  Well worth 60 seconds of your time!


Note–a key that is often missed here is that experiments is plural.

Science!  It works bitches

Science! It works bitches

Mike T Nelson

Dr. Layne Norton Discusses Protein Use for Muscle Gains

A great talk to by Dr. Layne Norton here on how protein helps build muscle.

A big thanks to the wonderful people at BiPro that sponsored it.

If you watch closely you can see some nerd named Mike T Nelson ask questions!

Rock on

Mike T Nelson


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