Goal setting as it is commonly taught is waaaaay overrated.

Stop Setting Goals!

Stop Setting Goals!

I believe it is actually holding your back from reaching your fatloss goals!

If it worked so well, everyone who set a New Years Resolution would have achieved it.

Yet, that does not happen.

I’ve been there. I’ve set those goals on New Years Day.

And then set the same one the following year.

….and the following year.

Oh crap.

Client Example And Goal Setting

A client came to me 4 years ago with the goal to lose 10 lbs in 3 months.

She had the target day down to the exact time.

She was counting the days down…..90….89,….88…33…..2….1…target date!

She made AMAZING progress and lost 9 lbs of her goal of 10 lbs.

I called her up to give her some mad congrats only to find….

……she was very sad and upset.


I was perplexed. She made it over 90% of the way to her goal, yet she was VERY unhappy.


In her mind she failed.

She missed the mark.

Her brain was only focused on the 1 lb that she did not achieve and not the 9 lbs that she did.

She felt utterly defeated.

I Was Wrong

In hindsight I realized that it was MY mistake.

I was helping her and put too much focus on that SINGULAR goal on THAT date.

When she fell just a bit short, she really thought she was a failure.


She was far from a failure even though she felt that way.

What To Do – Intentions vs Goals

Focus on your intention instead.

An intention provides a direction, but does not have an absolute hard date.

Then focus on the behaviors that drive you your intention.

This way you cannot fail.

You may have to change directions a bit here and there, but failure would only happen if you quit.

4 Step Process to Success

1) Ditch your goals.

2) Focus on your intention instead.

3) Track your behaviors.

4) Enjoy the journey.

Dedicated to better,

Dr. Mike

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