Metabolic AdaptationI think my coffee intake has been too low lately as I totally forgot to let you know about the f.ree audio podcast I did a awhle back when I was on the Modern Musclehead podcast with physique coaches Scott Tousignant and Bryan “Dude Brah’ Krahn.

Listen in for more on:
• metabolic flexibility
• how to use more fat as a fuel
• does your metabolic rate slow down (aka metabolic adaptation)?
• low carb diet (and why they suck)
• IIFYM (can you just eat crap?)
• exercise testing (biofeedback) for picking your lifts
• and much more

This episode begins with Bryan and Scott sharing their current split routines followed by me revealing my passion for odd object lifting and strong man type training.

Listen in at >> Modern Musclehead podcast <<

Turning research into results,
Dr Mike

PS – if you want to learn more about metabolic flexibility, I wrote a full ebook all about it for ETP at