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(AUDIO) Metabolic slow down (and more)

Metabolic AdaptationI think my coffee intake has been too low lately as I totally forgot to let you know about the f.ree audio podcast I did a awhle back when I was on the Modern Musclehead podcast with physique coaches Scott Tousignant and Bryan “Dude Brah’ Krahn.

Listen in for more on:
• metabolic flexibility
• how to use more fat as a fuel
• does your metabolic rate slow down (aka metabolic adaptation)?
• low carb diet (and why they suck)
• IIFYM (can you just eat crap?)
• exercise testing (biofeedback) for picking your lifts
• and much more

This episode begins with Bryan and Scott sharing their current split routines followed by me revealing my passion for odd object lifting and strong man type training.

Listen in at >> Modern Musclehead podcast <<

Turning research into results,
Dr Mike

PS – if you want to learn more about metabolic flexibility, I wrote a full ebook all about it for ETP at http://www.miketnelson.com/metflex

RANT – Why the 3,500 calorie rule is wrong for weight loss

People like to argue about “is a calorie a calorie.” One of the rare things that we actually know in nutrition due to physics and stuff.

Yes, calories matter. They matter a lot.

Are calories EVERYTHING then? Nope. Far from it.

Most of this resulted from the “3,500 calorie rule”

Burn more than 3,500 calories and you will lose 1 lb of weight.

This is ok for rough estimates, but the equation breaks down over many months.

What you actually learn…gasp….is that it is really nonlinear, just like almost every freaking thing in physiology.

The error goes all the way back to the 1950s from” Wishnofsky M. Caloric equivalents of gained or lost weight. Am J Clin Nutr. 1958;6:542–546.”

The Calculus of Calories: Quantitative Obesity Research

A great talk on this by Dr Hall

Which is why I always laugh at the simple linear thinking.

Plus if it was that simple, I would be out of a job and I would not see obese people everywhere.

The amount of people who argue over the physics of this who have never taken a math class beyond HS geometry. Which is totally fine but don’t argue about math then.

Take Away

Calories are important but they are not everything.

3,500 calories to lose one pound is at best, a rough estimate.

Obesity is not a simple linear problem, If it was, we would have it all figured out by now.

Ranting off
Dr Mike T Nelson

Can I Pick Your Brain?

I am sure you have received this question before:

“Can I pick your brain?”

How do you answer?

This one has been hard for me since I LOVE helping people. I WANT to help everyone.

Above my desire to help is a bigger desire to make a freaking difference. That is what changes things.

My little rule of thumb for this is :

if I am talking to you already, pick all you want since I love this stuff. I also don’t expect you to carry threw on any of it. I know you will have the best intentions in the world, but in my experience only about 1% will do anything. If you are that 1% I will help you for free since I care about the changes you are making. Action > words

If you want me to take time out of my schedule and put on hold other things that I am doing to help others, you need to pay. It is not about the $$ it is about the commitment that involves paying money.

The above applies to people I don’t know. If I know you and we are friends, I will do whatever I can to help you as much as possible since there is a history there.

You know how to reach me

Are You Mad At Your Body?



I know I have been mad at my body in the past.

I do believe that all of our bodies are doing the best they can too, given the circumstances that they have been dealt.

Some will have an easier time than others. Life is not fair.

However, it does not matter how easy or hard it was for X person since that does not change you (or me).

Comparisons are always tricky. Look for someone doing better and you will find them, but they will not change you directly. You can view it as something that is possible or be mad that they have it easy and you don’t. Either way you are still where you are.

In hindsight I know I spent a few too many years being bitter that I had so many issues to work through from eye issues (technically stereo-blind aka I don’t see in 3D), massive midline scar, old injuries like a separated shoulder, dislocated shoulder, busted up ankle, sprained, strains, to goofy things like stupid long femurs, small bone structure, etc.

What I came to realize is that all of that made me who I am.

Had I not had open heart surgery at age 4, I would not be here. Heck, I would have been dead 22 years ago. I am thankful for that scar. It literally saved my life. It is part of who I am and I know had a massive effect pushing toward the med tech industry for 14 years and physiology for 20 years.

If I had normal vision, I would not have learned what I know now by seeking out more and more info and testing it.

I would not have had a drive to figure it out.

Same thing for old injuries. I hope I don’t have another one but given that I love to kiteboard, snowboard, mountain bike, etc the probably is greater than the average bear. And I will heal from it and learn then too.

New Body Under Construction Next28

New Body Under Construction Next28

It was interesting that once I made peace with my body and what it had been through, I made faster progress.

I am no longer mad at it. I can now say I honestly feel blessed and thankful.

Do I have days where I wish progress was faster? Yep. The flipside is would I ever think progress is fast enough? Nope. Might as well enjoy the journey then and keep chipping away at better.

Status update for Dec 2015 for Mike T Nelson

PRI Physical Therapy sessions are done!

I got booted out. I did my last session and went in after NOT doing my exercise the night before or in the AM on purpose – I wanted to see how much it would hold.

Passed all the tests! Whoo ha!

Now that my movement is more stable, and it feels sooooo much better, I can focus (hehe) on more VT (vision therapy).

Started doing SQAUTS and DEADLIFTS 2 days ago again – yeah!

I’ve only pulled (DL-ed) maybe once every other week at the very most for the past 14 months. And I have not done any symmetric weight squats other than a couple in the 14 month period. 2 days ago i used the SSB to run a soft test and I am about 40 lbs off my max – not too bad without any direct work. The cool part is that it FELT soooooo much better. I did not feel like crap – I just felt weak. Deloaded the entire bar and just did it without any weight for easy sets of 5. Working on my new form and must check my ego – no need to rush and build up bad habits. Plus I don’t need much load now to see a positive adaptation.

Deadlifts did only 275 x 4 for 3 sets – again, check my ego. Felt great but heavy I will take it as strength will come back with practice. First goal is to get back to over 400 on a day by day basis when I feel good with deadlifts and work my squat back up to my old PR.

Yesterday was shoulder and arms hypertrophy day with broom ball at night.

The broom ball game was awesome! I could actually SEE. I know that sounds weird, but I could see the ball in movement, my hands and broom were where I thought they would be, eye movements off the ball and back on the ball (saccades) were much much better. It felt easier. I still need work on shots on goal as most were off, but I got there late and did not do any warm ups plus it was a different rink. That will come back in time. The best part is that I felt soooooo great once I was done. Need to work on more hand / eye / random interactions more.

Goal for 2017 is to see in 3D.

Secondary goals for 2016 are to get my deadlift, squat, press (axle) and stone over bar back to pervious levels.

Rough markers are
1) SSB 275 x 1
2) Deadlift (conventional or sumo) 450 x 1
3) 250 lb stone over 50 inch bar
4) Axle clean and press 175 x 1

Working on
-better breathing during the day to reduce stress, HRV tanks with more computer / work stuff
-more consistent nutrition via better planing.
-bumping up my aerobic fitness now that my body is stable to see if that helps HRV / training freq
-should allow me to do 2 strength sessions a week
-functional neurology check up to see why my right eye won’t stay ‘on”
-start VT


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